Meet B. Ladae


Howdy! I am the host of the "But Ma That’s My Favorite Movie Podcast". I relaunched this podcast on June 4, 2020. (details of relaunch in Episode 1)  I started this podcast because I LOVE movies. I've had a passion for movies and theater since elementary school. I'm actually an aspiring filmmaker. I made one short film in 2016 called , "Riding Carousels: The Art of Holding on." It is available on Youtube! 


I grew up in the blockbuster era, where every weekend my mom use to take my sister and I to pick out any movie we wanted to watch. It was always fun searching through the various movie shelves! It was something to look forward to that was such a treat!


My mom and dad showed us all kinds of movies during out childhood. They never sheltered us so I really got to watch a wide variety of genres! I remember gathering around with family members to watch movies in the evenings or taking trips to see new movie releases! Movies will always have a special place in my life, so it just made sense to make a podcast where I talk about them!